Kaukauwa kei na totoka


The world's top stainless steel accessories manufacturer, Kakaburaki ni kabani. Daudroini ni & Vakadonui na dautaravale. Ikabakaba vou kei na handrails cakava vata kei na ivakatagedegede cecere duadua ni vinaka. Ikabakaba. Handrails. Balustrade.

Na ivoli ni vou na iloilo vavaku


Noda fittings ni katuba ni iloilo e caka ena ivola digitaki, ka sa vakadeitaka na kena na ituvaki cecere. Na fittings ni katuba ni iloilo sa ivoli sivia 10 isoqoni, 500 na mataqali ivukivuki.

Biuta na nomu imeli ni veitaratara. Rawata me 20% tani

Na ivakasokumuni ni iVoladusidusi vou



Vinaka cake






Na gacagaca - a tauyavutaki ena 2006, sa ikoya e dua na veivakatorocaketaki vakacakacaka, veivakamarautaki, volivolitaki, itautauri kolomu, iyaya lalai ni itautauri, stainless sitila bitu ni vakatagi, stainless sitila katuba lewa gacagaca taqomaki iyaya lalai kei na so tale na iyaya ni vakatorocaketaka.
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e bibi na kena isau,ia e na life.and na servic na ituvaki ni


Eda rawa ni resarch kei na inaki vei ira na kasitama ni duidui


Eda sa tara cake na timi kaukauwa e oka kina na profess- daudroini ni ional


E rawa ni da ciqoma kina na OEM / ODM customization

Broad Ocean Hardware is one of the leading China-made building and industrial components. Our items range from great-quality handrails, Glass Fitting, railing, and stainless steel fittings to industrial.

Glass door fittings are providing a rich touch to your stylistic theme. They offer an incredible look for homes and organizations the same.

Glass door lock, Glass Spigots, Clamp ni iloilo, and Glass door handle made in China are accessible in present day plans and gave a predominant completion.

You can buy Glass Fitting in bulk!

Features of Glass Fitting:

1.Offering best quality performance,
2.Is highly durability
3.heightened style

With a selection of various colors in the glass door hinge, Dau ni katuba ni iloilo, and glass connectors, they are common in making your interior unique.

Get quality shower components at effective prices

We take pride in delivering world-class services by supplying shower components like:

1.Shower door hinge
2.Shower door handle

Buy classic Handrail Hardware.

We are a top Handrail Hardware manufacturer. Our assortment of custom and robust Handrail Fitting is very different, supporting the scope of unique and ideal pieces. You could upgrade the excellence of your home with our particularly planned components, including:

1.Handrail flange
2.Handrail connector
3.Handrail Bracket

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We convey a delightful experience, which has empowered us to produce a solid relationship with our clients. It's a social conviction that is shown each day through extraordinary client support, item determination and, vital industry information.

Our Vision and Mission

We are looking forward to becoming China's leading supplier for top-notch items. We endeavor to convey the perfect items to our clients at the perfect cost, on schedule, without fail.

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