dinフランジ寸法, フランジの寸法を決定する方法

dinフランジ寸法, フランジの寸法を決定する方法

dinフランジ寸法, the method of determining flange dimensions is as follows:

1. First judge the flange type. Commonly used flange types include flat welding flanges, butt welding flanges, socket welding flanges, plate flat welding flanges, and ring loose flanges;

2. Secondly, judge the flange end form, mainly including RF surface, concave surface, convex surface and RJ ring surface. Tongue and groove surface

3. After judging the flange type, the main measurement data include bolt hole center distance, flange inner diameter, flange thickness, flange connection diameter, 等;

4. Then compare the measured data with the standard, you can see the specific model of the flange.

5. Refer to the standards HG20592 and HG20615, and query to get the flange size.

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