derî Glass lock hin nirxandinên di bikaranîna rojane

Derî qelaş ji ber ku dirûvê wê xweş e di nav kirdar de populer e. Girtina gelemperî dijwar e ku li ser deriyê gûzê were saz kirin. When selecting the glass door lock, it is easy to install and beautiful. Ji ber vê yekê, the glass door lock is usually made of high-strength structural steel or zinc alloy die-casting or stainless steel, which overcomes the defects of easy rust, aging and insufficient steel of iron and zinc alloy. The surface treatment is mostly brushed or mirrored, which is beautiful and elegant. With a sense of fashion.

glass door lock sliding glass door lock

Some things to pay attention to in the maintenance of glass door locks:

1. Don’t use lubricants casually. Some friends tend to drop some oil into the lock eyes when the glass door lock is bun or tight. This may make the glass door lock slippery quickly, but because of the oil. It is easy to stick to ash, and it will easily accumulate dust in the keyhole afterwards, and the formation of oil putty will make the sliding glass door lock more prone to failure. The correct solution: cut some pencil pieces or some candle pieces, blow them into the sliding glass door lock cylinder through the thin tube, and then insert the key repeatedly for several times.

2. Do not twist the Glass door lock key to open the door. Sometimes due to the gravity of the door leaf or the hinge of the door, the door leaf sinks, and the glass door lock locks the door or opens the door unsmoothly. Di vê demê de, it is often difficult to open the glass door lock door with a key and lock the door. Don’t force the key to be twisted, so as not to break the key and increase the trouble.

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