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Mall indoor stainless steel glass railing accessories

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Shopping malls are crowded public places. Stairs are an important passage in shopping malls and a key safe passage during emergency evacuation. Whether it is material, installation, design, the requirements of the stainless steel glass stair railings of the mall are higher than the ordinary home decoration railings. According to the regulations, the height of the railing fittings should exceed the height of the person's weight. The height of the volley is less than 24 meters, the railing fittings are not less than 1.05 meters; the volley height is 24 meters or more, and the railing fittings are not less than 1.1 meters. In public places with children, it is best to add a design that prevents climbing.

The stainless steel glass railing fittings of the shopping mall are made of tempered glass. The various properties of the tempered glass are better and safer, and have better impact resistance in the event of collision. The most common style of stainless steel glass railings in shopping malls is the column clamp glass, which is fixed with solid stainless steel columns. Such practical utility is highly stable.

The stainless steel glass railing fittings in the mall have long been in a humid and polluted environment, and their quality requirements are higher than those of ordinary household columns. The 304 stainless steel material is used, which has good corrosion resistance and long service life. It is not intentional to draw flowers and there will be no big problems.

Since shopping malls are crowded public places and the most vulnerable to safety accidents, the requirements for these safety facilities are higher. Since its inception, we have focused on the production and sales of hardware products. From raw material purchase, product sales to after-sales service, we are constantly improving and perfecting ourselves. Customers in need can contact our online customer service directly.

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